My Books

A Gaze of Flint

A young woman becomes involved in rescuing a kidnapped child, with the help of a man from a Parallel Universe. Love follows, but she discovers he is already smitten with a woman from his own planet.  The stress of rescuing the child is exacerbated by the suspicion that the love of her life has betrayed her.

Sabine Dolls

Five young women from Earth are captured by alien men for breeding purposes. In time, they fall in love with their captors, but then they must deal with jealousy, revenge and ultimately, war.

Note to Agents and Publishers: A Gaze of Flint was written some time ago. Being a relatively inexperienced writer at the time, I was unaware of the ‘head-hopping’ rule. Therefore, some passages will dot from one point of view to another. Nevertheless, I feel that this doesn’t detract from the essence of the story.