What Was She Thinking!


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Following on from my earlier post about some women being insecure about their looks, I was amused this morning to read that Madonna has had plumping injections in her buttocks. Now, I get that she’s in the public eye and that she has an image to play up to but…sheesh, what on earth was she thinking? Doubtless, she thought she would have a nice, perky little bum, like somebody half her age. Instead, she looks now like she’s fixed two saddle-bags full of boulders to her rear-end.
For the life of me I can’t imagine how somebody who spends most of her life in the gym, and therefore, would be toned in that region, believes that such a procedure would somehow enhance her body. Not many pop stars in their fifties can command the type of following that she has enjoyed for so many years. So why then did she ruin herself in this way? Didn’t she stop and think that the regard many of her fans had for her might well now vanish and replaced by derision at best and cringing embarrassment at worst?
Madonna and many of her younger counterparts espouse feminine power and pour scorn on some men’s propensity to objectify women. Yet, they gyrate about on stage wearing very little and move about as adept as any seasoned pole dancer in a sleazy nightclub. I and many other people, including some men I might add, find this paradoxical behaviour bewildering.
Madonna was one of the first to shuck down most of her clothes and push her stuff at the audience. When challenged, she used to say that the way she performed was empowering to women. It didn’t empower women – it demeaned us, in my opinion. And, every time she performed in this way it sent the message that women are sexual objects, put on this Earth solely to entice men.
Ironically, one of Madonna’s role models was Marilyn Monroe. But, it didn’t seem to occur to her that Marilyn had men falling at her feet because the sex appeal she exuded was natural. Very little of effort went into it. So, for an intelligent women, (which Madonna is purported to be), it’s a sad day for her when she can’t see that you either have sexual power or you don’t, and that you can’t get it from a syringe.
Of course, she may be injecting her body because she’s getting old. But the same applies. You can’t inject youth into your body and you can’t inject dignity into it either. Once the first has gone, the second must take over. But in Madonna’s case, both seem to have flown out of the window.


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