Shame on Them

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This morning I heard that a group of people, of mixed ages, burnt an effigy of the Grenfell Tower. For the benefit of those who haven’t heard of this disaster, a block of high-rise flats called the Grenfell Tower burnt down in June 2017, killing 72 people and injuring 223 others.
The incident in question took place on Bonfire Night. This is when the British celebrate the capture of Guy Fawkes, who planned to blow up the Palace of Westminster, in 1605. Usually, we build bonfires, and put an effigy of Guy Fawkes at the top, set fire to that and let off fireworks at the same time.
Bonfire Night is usually a harmless, fun event. For some unfathomable reason, though, these individuals choose to use it as a vehicle to poke fun of people trapped inside a burning block of flats, some of whom lost their lives. I can’t imagine how devastated the survivors and relatives of those who died in the incident must have felt.
Imagine seeing people laughing around a bonfire poking fun at a burning effigy, (complete with drawn-in faces of people at windows), of the place where your loved one died? Imagine how those who are still suffering from post traumatic stress disorder must have felt, when seeing the depiction of this tragedy and all its ghastly consequences?
Empathy, sympathy and basic human decency, it seems to me, were nowhere to be seen that night. The fact that one of them then posted the incident up on a social media both astounded and disgusted me.
If an alien race were in the vicinity that evening, I wouldn’t be surprised if they concluded that Earth people were psychopathic in nature, with a tendency to lean towards the stupid in order to entertain themselves. They would then probably hasten back into their spacecraft, vowing never to return to our planet again. And who would blame them.

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  1. inesephoto · November 6

    Brainless. Smoking weed robs people of their brain. Some Media were trying to make it look like a hate crime, which is wrong as English also lived in the house. They were just trying to make a good joke, their style. What can I tell…

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